AR Experiment

A mobile game and AR experiment

Project Scope

Augmented Reality (AR) might have a bright future in technology thanks to the ever growing performance of mobile graphic processors and smartphone cameras. Especially for applications where useful (or playful) virtual elements are mixed with elements of the real world.

In this project an experimental game app was created with help of Unity3D and the AR framework metaio. The company metaio was bought and discontinued by Apple in 2015. A popular alternative in the area of Augmented Reality is Vuforia.


The game

In the game a player guides a small elephant through a level and by steering the elephant collecting as many fruits as possible. The fruits are “augmented” into the surrounding of the player. The game first looks for a plain surface and for this to work the user has to slightly move the camera around the room in front of them. Once a surface is found the fruits are distributed on it.


Project details


This game was a semester project for the module “Interactive Technologies” during my study program.

Personal conclusion

Especially refreshing turned out to be the development with Unity3D, empowering you to create high quality 3D-animated games in a clear and understandable language (here I used C#). A good documentation and healthy support by a large community helps a developer overcome most of the problems that at first seem like show-stoppers. The 3D-models for the game were created in Maxon Cinema 4D.


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