Transmedia Space

Space for inspiring interactive installations.

It is not enough to thoroughly create interactive installations – they also need adequate space to unfold their full pontential. They require Transmedia Space.

For a successfull exhibition showing interactive installations which bring the visitor closer to the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck, Germany, fitting the motto »create diversity together« there is a need for a well-thought-out transmedia experience and an advanced interior design.

The lead question to answer during the creation of the design of media space was, how the space can be used for presenting the installations and be integrated into the everyday life of the university at the same time.



This project is a work in cooperation with Dennis Timmermann, Ronda Ringfort, Fabian Schucht, Denise Da Silva Bilé, Christoph Wischmeyer, Robert Schnüll, Carsten Greif and Celina Placke. Speaking of this project, I was mainly concerned with writing and layouting the documentation and creating and producing the Centerpiece of the installation, in cooperation with the team members Ronda Ringfort and Dennis Timmermann.

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